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Iceland - Day 7 - Leaving & Relaxing

February 19th, 2016 — Our last day in the cottage. Most of the morning was spent rummaging around for lost socks and packing for the journey to the Reykjavik and the Blue Lagoon.

Iceland - Day 6 - Waterfalls and Plane Crashes

February 18th, 2016 — Todays trip is going to take us the furthest yet. All the way to Vik. Along the way we planned on visiting a few waterfalls and an abandoned plane wreck.

Iceland - Day 5 - Þingvellir

February 17th, 2016 — We decided to fill in the remainder of the golden circle. A visit to Þingvellir (Thingvellir) National Park was next on the agenda

Iceland - Day 4 - A Series of Accidents

February 16th, 2016 — Welcome to my day from hell. which started with coffee and cake and a expedition to Kerio - Volcanic Crater.

Iceland - Day 3 - Snowed In

February 15th, 2016 — Another slow start to the day. We knew today was going to pretty much be a write off, anyway with strong winds, rain and heavy snow forecast for all day.

Iceland - Day 2 - Geysir

February 14th, 2016 — Day two got off to a slow start except for me. I’d managed a grand total of 1 hrs sleep the first night. I’ve never been able sleep the first night anywhere.

Iceland - Day 1 - Arrival

February 13th, 2016 — Iceland Air is the best airline i’ve ever flown with by a long shot. Massive leg room, TVs on the back of the seats, free soft drinks, blankets and pillows.