Iceland - Day 6 - Waterfalls and Plane Crashes

Published in Travel on Feb 18, 2016

Up nice and early this morning and off to Almar for a breakfast coffee and cake.

Todays trip is going to take us the furthest yet. All the way to Vik. Along the way we were planning on visiting a couple of waterfalls and an abandoned plane wreck.

First stop was Seljalandsfoss Waterfall, The waterfall was beautiful the weather on the other hand was a different level of cold. I usually don’t get cold most of the time in Iceland could have been survived wearing a t-shirt maybe a jumper for the colder days. Today at this waterfall was unbelievable leading to a DSLR lens being frozen open and my iPhone shutting down to low temperatures.

This was another place that would be worth a visit in the summer. A lot of the water was frozen solid at the top. To see the waterfall in full power would be amazing.

A quick hop in the car over to Skógafoss waterfall. The weather had warmed up a bit by this point and as such I enjoyed this place much more. It was at this point I realised that Iceland is too beautiful its not even fair. I took a couple of videos, time lapses at this location I was in my element.

We packed up and made our way to Vik mainly to see the black beaches that we’re formed from volcanic ash. The beaches at Vik are very dangerous with waves being unpredictable we’d been warned by a tourist information worker that someone had been seriously injured only days previous. As a little souvenir I collected a couple of volcanic rocks that are now proudly displayed in my house. My to beat my own drum but I think you could easily get charged an arm and a leg for my arrangement.

Vik as a whole was a very small town with a single cafe, outdoor shop and petrol station. Leaving us not much to do for the rest of the day we headed out to the Solheimasandur Plane Wreck this was a little bugger to find the guides are right you only see the plane at the last moment. At the plane wreck site was a camera crew who approached us and asked if we could keep out of shot as they were filming for the university project. Imagine having the scenery and beauty around you when working on a film and television degree lucky sods.

Another night of northern light hunting to come and an early start on our lat full day in Iceland sad times.