Iceland - Day 5 - Þingvellir

Published in Travel on Feb 17, 2016

After a late night of northern light hunting the day got off to a slow start. We decided to fill in the remainder of the golden circle. A visit to Þingvellir (Thingvellir) National Park was in order. Firstly in what is fast becoming a tradition a stop off at Almar Bakeri for a coffee and a cake. I could easily get used to this lifestyle FIKA FTW.

Seen as we’d only one thing on the legendary golden circle. Today seemed like a good a day as any to put that right. We mounted the GoPro to the cars dashboard, so I could capture what promised to be quite a nice drive through the national park. You can checkout the video below I would recommend staying to the second half of the video as the scenery was far better better driving out of the park as opposed to driving in.

Overall the park was stunning. The main attraction is the split in the tectonic plates. The split is getting bigger each year and its only when your slap bang in the middle of it does the scale hit you. Cue the obligatory pictures, selfies and videos.

After a nice little walk we arrived at a opening clearing covered with snow. The plan try and hit the GoPro camera with a snow ball once again. As predicted feeble attempts ensued until finally I managed to git the GoPro. This was only after the 4/5 times my brother nailed it right on the lease and having to reset the camera multiple times. Hit the camera once was good enough for me.

A big part of the holiday for me was to force myself to be more creative. In that vein I tried to film a time lapse walking through the chasm only to find out later the footage was so shaky it looked like id been doing the Saturday Night Fever dance all the way through. Note to self next time use a stabiliser or something to steady the footage.

We drove the opposite way out of the national park along the final stretch of road that formed part of the golden circle. For a while the views were stunning. It truly felt like driving over clouds. We were so high up and with everything so white around us it just added to the the best yet as we were going to attempt the longest distance yet!