Iceland - Day 4 - A Series of Accidents

Published in Travel on Feb 16, 2016

Welcome to my day from hell.

First on the agenda was a much needed trip to the local bakery for a coffee and a cake. After a quick rummage round the shops in the little market next door and we set off to Kerio - Volcanic Crater.

Kerio Crater

The crater was what can only be classed as a death trap. The entrance to the track was a pure sheet of ice which could only be navigated at a shuffle pace. We somehow got to the top of the crater and wow what an amazing view. The walk down was the first test of the day to come which I surprisingly passed without falling over or injuring myself.


Heading off to Selfoss we had a quick walk up the main high street. Where we spotted a glowing beacon amongst the endless banks, clothing shops it looked like an electrical store in the distance. This lead to a cry of “THEY SHOULD HAVE HDMI CABLES”. A hop and a skip later I emerged HDMI cable in hand. Only to be hit by a 4x4 within 10 mins.

The woman behind the wheel of the car was busy looking at her phone. I was in the middle of crossing the road using a designated crossing. At this point I felt a crack on the side of my hip. Bloody Idiot! Laugh it off no harm done. Time for lunch!

Black Beech

The next stop was the black beaches in a village nearby. It was here we did the single most idiotic thing I have ever done. We decided that climbing over slick snow covered rocks with large gaps between them was the best option to get onto the beach instead of trying to find an opening. Getting onto the beach wasn’t an issue going back however was point 2 in the day of hell.

I stupidly started to walk on the snow which disguised the massive gaps between rocks. The obvious happened the snow under foot gave way. I went crashing down the gap leg trapped between the rocks giving my kneecap a good couple of cracks on the way down. Without a doubt the panic set in, I managed to get myself free only to have to clamber over the rest of the rocks with a decidedly dodgy knee. NEVER AGAIN

The final stop for me was at the horse stables to see the little legged Icelandic horses. I managed to pet one, which sort of made up for the messed up knee. The night called for a tea and a soak in the hot tub.