Iceland - Day 3 - Snowed In

Published in Travel on Feb 15, 2016

Another slow start to the day. We knew today was going to pretty much be a write off, anyway with strong winds, rain and heavy snow forecast for all day.

First job of the day was to go to the local supermarket to purchase some actual milk. In our mad rush we’d managed to buy what looked like milk (in our defence it looked like the bottles of milk we get at home) but turned out in fact to be Yoghurt or Sour Cream. Trust me this isn't something you want to pour into a brew early in the morning. Cue what would have made a really funny video of slips slides and sprained ankles. We finally finished the 10 min walk to the local store in just over 1hr good going.

I also watched Stand By Me for the first time and now I'm asking the question what is goofy? And if you could only eat one item of food again for the rest of your life what would it be. That question was answered for me when we went out for dinner at Hoflandsetrið Restaurant and I got an egg burger drool.

Let's hope day 4 will be worth reading. Heavens knows this was a pointless blog entry.