Iceland - Day 2 - Geysir

Published in Travel on Feb 14, 2016

Day two got off to a slow start except for me. I’d managed to get a grand total of 1 hrs sleep the first night. I’ve never been able sleep in a new bed the first night anywhere. This is why I’m writing these first couple of blog posts at 3:00am in the airport hotel reception waiting for morning to come round.

I recently purchased a GoPro and hadn’t really used it. (Apart from taking a few stupid videos of me looking puzzled whilst trying to figure out how to work the various modes). I thought it would be a good idea to setup the GoPro on the fence outside the cottage and capture me and my brother throwing snowballs at the camera. Initially I wanted to get a couple of takes of hitting it. However it look about 30 attempts each until Ian nailed it right in the middle I for one couldn’t be bothered carrying on.

Iceland Snowballing Video

Next we headed out to a place called fontana which is a hot spring / spa and bakery where they make a traditional Icelandic dish whereby they cook a loaf of bread in the hot geothermal ground for 24 hours until the sugars in the bread turn caramelised. The closest thing that I can describe it too is a ginger less Jamaican ginger cake. Hopefully that makes sense

From where we headed over to Geysir I short made a time-lapse of the drive to show the amazing beauty of landscape. and the types of roads we had to drive on.

Timelapse Video

The geothermal geysers are pretty damn impressive. The first time you see the large eruption it takes you a bit by surprise, even through you’ve been stood waiting for it to happen. To accompany each eruption you get a whiff of sulphur steam which smells uncannily like eggs. The whole of Iceland has a distinct smell of egg which lead us to compare Iceland as a whole to Egg Mayonnaise, its white, cold and stinks of egg.

The Gullfoss Waterfall was the third and final stop of the day. It’s a waterfall on the golden circle. Gullfoss is stunning in the winter owever I bet it is even more so in the summer. When you can take the trail to get much closer to the base of the waterfall. Some people ignored the trail closed signs. These people lead a much more extreme life than me the reckless daredevils.

It was at the point in the holiday that my phone decided to randomly turn itself off and display low battery even when I had 63% charge remaining.

It was 4:30pm we still hadn’t been to the supermarket. We had no Beer, Milk or Soda. The estimated time of arrival at the supermarket was 17:48 12 minutes before closing. “cue the 24 TV show click tick down music”. The dread of no milk for a cup of tea inspired our heroic driving to push the car to its limits (But still well within legal and safety limits incase my mother ever reads this). In all seriousness we managed to shave a couple of minutes off. Then staged out own version of supermarket sweep.

All fed and watered I started my watch. My watch for the Northern Lights

“Night gathers, and now my watch begins. It shall not end until I’m extremely tired and I need to go to bed.”