Iceland - Day 1 - Arrival

Published in Travel on Feb 13, 2016

Let's start with the flight. Iceland Air without a doubt is the best airline i’ve ever flown with by a long shot. Massive amounts of leg room, TVs on the back of the seats, free soft drinks and free blankets and pillows. all this on a two and a half hour flight from Manchester Airport.

Well we landed in Iceland at 15:30 ready to start our Iceland adventure. First step after landing was to figure out if we needed to either a) find our name held by a man waiting in arrivals and feel all important well to do or b) Trek through the snow and ice to the car rental place and pickup the car. As predicted it turned out to be option b as we we’re too cheap to book airport pickup.

Iceland Adventures Car

This is the little beauty we picked up, I couldn’t tell you anything about it only that is was an automatic diesel 4x4 which is much needed for the roads of Iceland. (FYI I didn’t do any of the driving. i’m bad enough driving in good conditions on the correct side of the road, this was my idea of pure hell!)

We began our mammoth drive to our Airbnb hosted by Jakob here is the link to the cottage we stayed in. Driving is driving and we didn’t make any stops on the way as we wanted to arrive before sunset. The idea of driving in the already difficult conditions in the dark didn’t appeal to anyone in the car.

Jump cut about 1hr total we arrived. We were greeted by our friendly host Jakob who showed us around and recommended to us a restaurant at the top of the road called Restaurant Varma, and a couple of local attractions we should check out.

After checking out the cottage and watching TV for a while. We decided to head down the road too the local supermarket too pick up a few much needed supplies (Milk, Beer and Soda) only to find out it had already shut at 6pm. So a hike up the hill to Varma it was then. Bearing in mind it was fracking freezing we were dressed in walking boots, big outdoor coats, hats and gloves. We entered Varma, quickly realising this wasn’t a place where walking boots where appreciated.

Varma was a bit more upmarket than what we were expecting. According to our host the translation of the restaurants name is Warm River I was half expecting a warm cosy pub with a roaring fire. Nope completely wrong on that one. We were quickly ushered downstairs put of sight from the other patrons.

We all decided on the 3 course special as it appeared to get us the most food for the money. Enter a taster served in a tiny jam pot of Arctic Chard with lime and dill I think? The dish was a bit naff it was let down by a overpowering lemon taste that felt like licking a lemon scented cleaning cloth and the texture was what I can only describe as slime.

Starter was Smoked Arctic Chard again but this time with asparagus and some other things on a plate that tasted really nice. The main course was a lamp shank and fillet served with potatoes, pea puree and again other assorted stuff really nice apart from the peas which were served cold. We’re I’m from, Wigan peas are served warm and mushy (Usually on chips). Dessert was really nice also just a chocolate pudding, mouse and Ice Cream.

Bearing in mind that we had only been in the country a couple of hours the bill came to a whopping £160 (ish) we left feeling a little like we had been mugged. Two thoughts went through my mind

Im not eating on that restaurant again I cannot afford to
Lets cook our own food tomorrow night.

Time for bed lets, see what happens tomorrow.