Iceland - Day 2 - Geysir

Category: Iceland Added By: Michael Boffey 14th February 2016
Day two got off to a slow start except for me. I’d managed to get a grand total of 1hrs sleep the first night. I’ve never been able sleep in a new bed the first night anywhere. This is why I’m writing these first couple of blog posts at 3:00am in the airport hotel reception waiting for morning to come round.

I recently purchased a GoPro and hadn’t really used it. (Apart from taking a few stupid videos of me looking puzzled whilst trying to figure out how to work the various modes). I thought it would be a good idea to setup the GoPro on the fence outside the cottage and capture me and my brother throwing snowballs at the camera. Initially I wanted to get a couple of takes of hitting it. However it look about 30 attempts each until Ian nailed it right in the middle I for one couldn’t be bothered carrying on. 

Iceland - Day 1 - Arrival

Category: Iceland Added By: Michael Boffey 13th February 2016
Lets start with the flight. Iceland Air without a doubt is the best airline i’ve ever flown with by a long shot. Massive amounts of leg room, TVs on the back of the seats, free soft drinks and free blankets and pillows. all this on a two and a half hour flight from Manchester Airport.

Well we landed in Iceland at 15:30 ready to start our Iceland adventure. First step after landing was to figure out if we needed to either a) find our name held by a man waiting in arrivals and feel all important well to do or b) Trek through the snow and ice to the car rental place and pickup the car. As predicted it turned out to be option b as we we’re too cheap to book airport pickup.