Iceland - Day 7 - Leaving & Relaxing

Category: Iceland Added By: Michael Boffey 19th February 2016
Today was the last day in the cottage. Most of the morning was spent rummaging around for lost socks and packing the cases for the journey to the Reykjavik and the Blue Lagoon.

Based on the traveling time and the time we’d booked into the Blue Lagoon for we had about 3 usable hours in the city centre. This gave us just enough time see a couple of the main sites including the cathedral, viking boat and most importantly of all nip into a few souvenir shops.

Iceland - Day 6 - Waterfalls and Plane Crashes

Category: Iceland Added By: Michael Boffey 18th February 2016
Today trip is going to take us the furthest yet. All the way to Vik. Along the way we were planning on visiting a couple of waterfalls and an abandoned plane wreck.

First stop was Seljalandsfoss Waterfall, The waterfall was beautiful the weather on the other hand was a different level of cold. I usually don’t get cold most of the time in Iceland could have been survived wearing a t-shirt maybe a jumper for the colder days. Today at this waterfall was unbelievable leading to a DSLR lens being frozen open and my iPhone shutting down to low temperatures.

Iceland - Day 5 - Þingvellir

Category: Iceland Added By: Michael Boffey 17th February 2016
After a late night of northern light hunting the day got off to a slow start. We decided to fill in the remainder of the golden circle. A visit to Þingvellir (Thingvellir) National Park was in order. Firstly in what is fast becoming a tradition a stop off at Almar Bakeri for a coffee and a cake. I could easily get used to this lifestyle FIKA FTW.

Seen as we’d only one thing on the legendary golden circle. Today seemed like a good a day as any to put that right. We mounted the GoPro to the cars dashboard, so I could capture what promised to be quite a nice drive through the national park. You can checkout the video below I would recommend staying to the second half of the video as the scenery was far better better driving out of the park as opposed to driving in.

Iceland - Day 4 - A Series of Accidents

Category: Iceland Added By: Michael Boffey 16th February 2016
Welcome to my day from hell.

First on the agenda was a much needed trip to the local bakery for a coffee and a cake. After a quick rummage round the shops in the little market next door and we set off to Kerio - Volcanic Crater.

Iceland - Day 3 - Snowed In

Category: Iceland Added By: Michael Boffey 15th February 2016
Another slow start to the day. We knew today was going to pretty much be a write off, anyway with strong winds, rain and heavy snow forecast for all day.